Give Your Balance a Brain

Give your balance a brain. Add 920i intelligence.

Add 920i® intelligence to precision weighing Balances typically have some built-in functions for weighing, counting or percentage calculations, but do not have configurable controls or outputs to each application. Rice Lake can create custom software linking the control power of the 920i indicator/controller to any precision balance application. Using the …
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It’s What’s Inside That Counts

Rice Lake offers a line of counting scales to meet every need.

Counting Scales are very similar to other scales in terms of weighing, but the counting scale does two additional functions, by performing operations in division and multiplication based on the internal resolution. 1. What is internal resolution? The internal resolution of a counting scale is the number of divisions into which …
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Animals Say Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!


Zoo animal handlers and veterinarians cannot peer down a giraffe’s throat. Obtaining weight data and records on a routine basis with the least amount of stress to the animal is a science in itself. Gradual or sudden fluctuation in body weight in zoo and aquarium animals is an early quantifiable indication …
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AVERY QC3265 Checkweigher


NEMA 4 stainless steel display - Quick Check is washdown safe and built for tough environments.  Two display modes - Quick Check operates in Weighing Mode with a simple weight display or in Checkweighing Mode with added LEDs for Over, Under, and Accept.  Simple setup - A single keystroke accomplishes most of the …
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GSE 675 Counting Scales


The Model 675 GSE Counting Scale was created to satisfy the requirement for a heavy-duty portable precision counting scale. The sturdy aluminum die cast housing features built-in carrying handles and a power cord wrap. ACCURATE small parts counting is assured with advanced digital Finite Impulse Response filtering (FIR), high resolution …
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Cambridge Portable Floor Scales


Cambridge Portable Floor Scale PackageThe Complete And Truly Portable Scale PackageINCLUDES SS-CSW10-B Stainless Steel Battery Powered Meter4” cast iron wheels with roller bearings and grease fittings. (front)4” swiveling cast iron wheels with roller bearings and grease fittings. (rear)Rear deck extension for added stability.Structural tubular carbon steel construction.Environmentally protected, NTEP Certified-5000 …
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